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Salt & Honey

Sep 1, 2017

Salt & Honey is a podcast by two friends and full-time cartoonists, Sloane (From Under Mountains, A Map to the Sun) and Leslie (Snotgirl) who want to delve delve deeper into why they like what they like and hate what they hate.
Each week, we explore different aspects of different comics (popular and obscure), as well as other popular media, including but not limited to movies and television.

Find Sloane-

Find Leslie-

Intro by Too Much


Mentioned in this episode:

From Under Mountains

Year 24 Group-

Moto Hagio-
Otherworld Barbara vol. 1
Otherworld Barbara vol. 2
Heart of Thomas
A Cruel God Reigns

Keiko Takemiya-
Toward the Terra/To Terra...

Riyoko Ikeda-
Rose of Versailles

Check Please by Ngozi:

Romance Comics-
Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran:
Wet Moon by Sophie Campbell:…gs/dp/1620103044/
Tillie Walden:
Sex Fantasy by Sophia Foster-Dimino:
Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley:…ous/dp/1620100002
BFF by Mickey Quinn:
Open Spaces Closed Places by saicoink:

Patience by Daniel Clowes:
The Sculptor by Scott McCloud:…oud/dp/1596435739

High Teen Boogie by Yukio Goto and Kazuko Makino: