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Salt & Honey

Sep 16, 2020

This week, Sloane and Leslie are reviewing Moms (2020) by Yeong-Shin Ma. Moms is a very heartfelt and honest look into the lives of women in their mid-fifties, and is inspired by Yeong-Shin Ma's mother's experiences. This episode contains spoilers!


Sep 9, 2020

This week, Sloane and Leslie are reviewing A Hard Tomorrow (2019) by Eleanor Davis. This episode includes spoilers!


Sep 2, 2020

This week, Sloane and Leslie are discussing whether or not immoral art can harm people. We talk more about the importance of art and the way it affects people, and the broader implications of something being viewed or read as being actively harmful.

Discussed in this episode

"Why Immoral Art Cannot Morally Harm Us" by...

Aug 26, 2020

This week, Leslie is interviewing Sloane about her new book, A Map to the Sun. We discuss some spoilers of the book, childhood and teen memories of friendship, and talk about how to address difficult and sensitive topics in fiction. A Map to the Sun (First Second) is available anywhere you can get books.


Jul 16, 2020

This week, we're talking about romance! What we like and dislike about the genre, things we think about when trying to create romance between characters, and much more.

Also, we're still accepting applicants for our mentorship until 8/1/20! Please check the details on twitter